About My Work

Travel has many different meanings and evokes different feelings to each of us based upon our personal experiences. Today, travel is more accessible than ever, whether it be for a well-deserved vacation or more commonly associated and required for business as global markets have expanded overseas.

The meaning of “Travel” stated in the dictionaries define it as “movement of a person from one location to another by foot, road, sea or air”. As a travel photographer my passion is to capture not only the sights along the route but the different modes of transportation encountered that make up the whole journey. Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with the adventure of travel and the exploration of different destinations around the world. I want to share these adventures through the capture of memorable photographs.

My overall goal as a photographer is to capture a moment in time that when viewed induces a positive reaction to the image. I want people to look at my photographs and say “wow…. I have to visit that location!”, “…where did you take that image?“, ”….I didn’t realize that was there” or “….I want to travel on that”. I want to show and encourage travelers to explore the beauty and diversity that makes up each city/country or region around the world.

Typically, the images I capture are in the early morning or late evening and take advantage of the “Golden Hour” and “Blue Hour” of light which is the magical time of the day around sunrise or sunset. In this ever-expanding world where land is being devoured or developed by so called progress, it is even more important that we support our National Parks, conservation areas and historic sites so we preserve this natural beauty and history for generations to come. By photographing these areas, I hope to inspire people to visit and support the preservation of these important and iconic sites around the world for future generations.

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